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It's finally here, the swimsuit season is officially started. We know that with the holidays literally being cancelled with the pandemic thing taking over the world, it may be hard to shop for swimwear but in these hot days everyone needs to sunbathe and take their daily vitamin D doses, even if the beach is a far dream you always can take advantage of your balcony or a ray of sunlight in your bedroom. What's better than to do it with style to motivate us these days? And for that we prepared a list of the Swimwear Trends of 2020:


- All High. Looking back to the 80's the high-waisted bikini bottom it's still in demand from the last seasons. It helps with the hour-glass figure cinching the waist and boosting out confidence. They come in various styles and shapes: maxi high-waist, brazilian, short-like, with belts, etc. But the bottom it's not the only one going high, this summer we also have the hight neck trend, with full coverage to feel more comfortable and sun-protected in the cleavage area. It comes in a lot of styles as well: zipped, with high cut bottom, with buttons, with lateral cuts, etc.

- Tie-dye. It's a major fashion trend and not only in swimwear. This dye method had become a favourite in terms of pattern, it's a fresh twist to ruffles and florals with bright and hypnotic colours or subtle dreamy pastel styles. This trend is becoming more popular in intsagram thanks to it youthful vibe.

- Underwire. Sexy and supportive. They bring a little lift and a vintage vibe, comes in a lot of styles, as bikinis or as one pieces. With deep Vs or more heart shaped styles. - Going glam. Embelishments are a big trend this summer. With velvet trims, belts and hoops, ornate details, luxury rhinestones and beautiful finishes.


- Sleeves. This trend is perfect for staying a little bit longer in the beach and it's protect you of innecesary sun damage. It comes as a one piece, two pieces, and if it has a zipper you can control how much cleavage you want to show. The best part is that you can use it outside the beach too, the ultimate fashion meets function trend.

- Animal Print. Let's face it, they are sexy and fierce and will always have a place in our wardrobe. From tiger to zebra, leopard and snake there are a lot of option with a lot of styles.

- Wrapped. The new trend of this season is the strap bikini, usually wrapping around the waist, from the top or the bottom, or both at the same time. As you can see there's a trend for everyone, from vintage vibes with the 801s throwback to sexy sparkles with glamourus styles and statement pieces that innovate our wardrobe. Swimwear is far from boring and the styles are fresh and lovely with an #instaworthy touch.

By Aliya Akhunova

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