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At Clothing Manufacturers UK, we can grade your patterns once they are ready for production. We grade your patterns in-house at our studio. We manually grade the patterns and put them on to card ready for production. Pattern grading is using your base size pattern for each style and turning them into all available sizes that you want for production. 

If we haven't created your patterns for you and you are providing them to us to grade. We suggest we check them for you to ensure all seams match and notches are properly placed. 

We can follow a size chart provided to us or we can use industry standard sizing. We suggest testing out your grade rules to ensure you are happy with the fit of the garments if you are providing the size chart and have not tested it out previously. 

We can grade for the following:

  • womenswear

  • menswear

  • childrenswear

  • babywear

  • plus size

  • petite

  • lingerie

  • swimwear

  • sportswear

There are a few different methods used to grade patterns:

Cut and Spread: This method is where the base size pattern is cut and spread. To grade up the cut pattern pieces move apart and to grade down the pieces overlap. 

Pattern shifting: This involves increasing the dimensions of the existing pattern to grade up and to grade down is decreasing the dimensions on the pattern. All sizes are done on the same sheet so you can see all of the sizes. 

Our start up customers tend to do XS,S,M,L,XL as their size range. They do this to cut cost on grading per style and many styles can fit between sizes. Where as more commercial brands that we work with usually work with the size ranges of UK 6, UK 8, UK 10 etc. 

We charge our customers 'per size' per style, rather than charging our customers depending on number of pattern pieces in each style. 

Roughly it takes about 1- 2 weeks for us to grade your patterns, this is dependant on our work schedule and how busy we are. 

Once production is complete we can give you, the graded patterns which are put on a pattern hook to organise them depending on style.


If you have queries about our grading services or need more information about the process, then please contact us.  

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