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At Clothing Manufacturers UK, we try to be as sustainable and ethical as possible throughout our practices in all stages of our work. Below are some of the key things we do, to do our part in being more sustainable and conscious of what we do while manufacturing:

- We use recycled paper in throughout the whole process. All of the paper we use is recycled.

- We have invested in getting a plotter to print our grading, our new system places all of the pattern pieces in a lay plan that minimises card waste when it's printed out. It works out the best possible lay plan for us.

- We only use LED light fixtures throughout our building. Which uses up to 75% less

energy than halogen bulbs. 

- We have switched to digital lay plans which further calculates the best possible fabric 

usage, keeping fabric waste to a minimum.

- We encourage our clients to use the left over fabrics and scrap fabrics to create

accessories such as face masks and scrunchies.

- We have upgraded our machine motors which allows us to save even more energy

when they are in use.

- We donate a small donation to non-profit organisations that contribute to helping our planet, we

make a contribution for every garment we make.

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