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Fashion Designer Studio



Creating your own garments requires patterns. Patterns are needed when you mass produce a style. They act as a template in order to create the garments. Patterns are used to ensure each garment in production is as similar to each as possible. Patterns are created after you have designed the collection and technical drawings. At Clothing Manufacturers UK, we can develop your patterns for you, all in house at our London studio. 


Pattern cutting is considered to be very important and at Clothing Manufacturers UK, we consider the pattern cutting stage to be very essential and probably the most important stage of development. At the pattern cutting stage, it’s important to use fit models who you consider to be your target market. It allows the pattern cutter to create the patterns specifically for your brand and you can also see in 3D what the garments will look like. It is important for the pattern cutter to truly understand your designs. Therefore we always encourage our customers to provide as much information about each style so we can make the garments exactly how you want them. Measurements are key when making patterns – ensure to give your pattern cutter measurements such as lengths of garments that you want and widths etc. 



At Clothing Manufacturers UK, we create our patterns in a few different ways. There are many different methods that can be used to create patterns. We prefer to create our patterns manually, we do not digitalise our patterns because all of our productions are done inhouse so there isn’t any need for them to digitalised to be given abroad. All patterns are created by using the sketch or tech drawings as a reference. Occasionally our clients will provide existing garments that they will like us to use as a reference. 



Pattern cutting is translating a sketch into a paper pattern. Pattern cutting has been around for many centuries and still till this day pattern cutters still use those techniques. Many techniques that translate a design sketch into a 3D garment is considered to be pattern cutting. 


Patterns can be made in different locations. Patterns can be made in factories or design studios. At Clothing Manufacturers UK, we make our patterns in our studio, where everything else is being developed also. Elsewhere, some manufacturers use freelance pattern cutters, this means the freelancers can pretty much do their patterns anywhere. Whether that means they do it at home or in the manufacturers offices. Also patterns can be made in using software. 

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