1.White sneakers

White sneakers are the perfect footwear for many occasions. You can wear them paired with a flowy dress for a casual stroll in town during spring or summer. They can also be worn to a workout session or when one needs something quick to throw on.

2.Black heels

Black heels are the best option for a formal meeting or a nice outing in the evening. When choosing a pair, go for the classic look, preferably with a pointed end, which makes it all more stylish. Depending on your preference and ability to walk and feel comfortable, choose the height and thickness of the heel. If you are a beginner, a thicker heel is recommended as it is easier to walk in.

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3.Skin colour heels

While black heels are definitely a must, skin color heels are also a stable. Skin color heels elongate your legs and you will therefore turn heads when walking the streets of your city.

4.White cotton T-shirt

A white cotton T-shirt can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with jeans. It can be worn with many accessories such as a long necklace or a colorful scarf to spice it up, or on its own when one has no time to think about accessories. Make sure it’s cotton as it let’s your skin breathe, is better for the environment and feels nicer on your skin.

5.Black cotton T-shirt

People always mention the white T-shirt as a stable, but rarely do they also mention the black T-shirt as one. However, a black T-shirt can be worn in just as many ways as a white one, and sometimes it even suits an outfit better than its white counterpart.

6.White shirt

A white shirt if bought oversized can be worn as a dress. Using a belt you synch it in at the waist and voila you are ready to head out. Just as the white T-shirt, it can be dressed up or dressed down. However, for