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The task of finding the perfect swimwear can be complicated, looking for a tone that suits you, the cut or the ideal style. That is why we have decided to make a compilation of sustainable brands that can help you reduce that endless list. They are all brands that in one way or another try to bring the fashion industry to the most sustainable and inclusive side.


 - Sébastien. They stand for long lasting luxuries that takes shape as they product and the way they produce it.  Their manufacture process takes place in a family run atelier in the north of Portugal with more than twenty years of expertise with respect for their environment and a strog work ethic. The fabrics that they use are certified as sustainable, usually all recycled yarns. The mojority of the swimwear collection is made with ECONYL, a 100% regenerated nylon endlessly recyclable. Their shipping method is sustainable too, as they are using the UPS carbon neutral to offset the climate impact of the shipment. And, as a final touch, all of their packaging is made fully from recycled materials and can be recyclable too, from tags to tape, boxes, etc. Every small progress counts.

- Ohoy Swim. All of their pieces are made with 100% ECONYL, the same recycled yarn that we taled about earlier. 1% of Ohoy sales goes to support the recovery of the nets (by volunteers) that made this amazing material. Their products are tested in real-life conditions and they are the double of resistant to chlorine, sun creams and oils than most of the traditional swimwear fabrics. All their manufacturing process is done in a small family owned factory in Sri Lanca respecting the fair and friendly working conditions.

- Londre. Their goal was to create a high quality swimwear with the lowest possible impact. They recycled more than 90.000 plastic bottles off the streets and beaches of Taiwan into their sustainable swimwear offering. All water used in their procces can be reused and when the life of the swimwear ends, it can be recycled to create new materials. They also use this brand to raise awareness and founds for women's health and enviromental initiatives, donating over 10.000$ to multiple organizations, such as Amazon Watch and the Yellow Hammer Fund.


- Reformation. They source sustainable fabric to create designs for every type of women, from petite to extended sizes. Their goal is to create swimwear so every women can wear their brand and look stunning in it. They also have a fiber standart, trying to make the majority of their garments with the two best types of fabrics: Natural fibers that are rapidly renewable, plant-based and have a potential for circularity and fibers that are almost all natural or recycled fibers. Their favourite fabrics are Tencel, Refibra, organic and recycled Cotton among others.

- Summersalt. Their swimwear is made of a super compressive, luxurious fabric crafted from 78% Recycled Polyamide. These fabrics are crafted from recycled plastics, post-consumer materials and nylon waste—like old fishing nets. And, as a final touch they have a transparent pricing.

By Aliya Akhunova

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