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The COVID-19 pandemic has put great pressure on the fashion industry. This situation and the reaction of the consumers is pushing it more than ever for companies to reconsider their priorities, if it's done well, will ultimately lead the brands to their success. The generations are moving and the one that has the singing voice no longer wants cheap, low-quality clothing, changing shirts with the seasons, or throwing bags and bags of garments. No, the singing generation wants quality, durability and ethically made clothing. They want that the clothes they buy, represent not just their personality but their ideals as well. A product made in a sustainable way is no longer an addition, it is not a plus in the description of a brand. It's a must. And if you don't have it, the product is rejected, even if it's high-quality but not sustainably and ethically made - it plummets on the shopping list. 

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The Covid-19 has urgently reinforced these growing feelings about sustainability and ethics, there are no longer excuses to wait for the rest to lead the change, if fashion wants to survive it must adapt and reinvent itself and the best way is one that it'sbeneficial to our home: the planet and nature. 

Change is not difficult if we all do our bit and meet halfwa, and the feeling after taking this vital step removes an enormous weight of responsibilities and decades of bad decisions from our shoulders. This is the generation of change and sustainability and brands must be part of it.

By Aliya Akhunova

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