Starting a clothing brand:

If you are an ​entrepreneur, or a creative individual wanting to start up a​clothing line/ brand there are many options you can go down. Whether it be, a small company with just basic printed designs or starting a cut and sew collection.Depending on what type of clothing line you want to create, the basic steps are the same. If you are going to be more invested in the line, the more time and cost effective it will be. I​f you’re just interested in starting something quick and easy, there’s options for that too. In this post, we’re going to show you step-by-step how you can start your own clothing line whether you have a small budget of £100, or if you have more than £10,000 to invest.Starting a clothing brand, you need to look at how your fabrics are resourced, whether you want to go down a more eco-friendly route or the fast fashion fashion route. You have to identify your niche, design, brand, quality and ethics behind your brand. You will also need to focus on the market, fit/ style, your personal business plan, business model, customer personas, competitor strengths and weaknesses and your costs and margins.

Deciding what products you want to sell:You need to decide what clothing pieces you want to sell, either that being focusing on active/sportswear, trendy, professional etc... Your brand will be about what you want and what you wear focusing on your personal brand.What people choose to wear can be influenced by many factors, from the impact of music on hip-hop fashion,​the grunge look and ​hippie attire​to the status of ​academic dress​in higher education. Other influences include religious observation and cultural identity, as seen in traditional Afrocentric fashion etc...Regardless of your personal brand, think about creating staple pieces that most fashion brands create. Some clothing and apparel products you may want to consider for your brand are:

A Clothing line Business Model:There are three main common options, Print-On-Demand, Private Label Clothing Line and Custom Cut and Sew Clothing Line. They all have different properties that make them unique to upcoming brands.

Print-On-Demand:​The first and easiest option for starting your own clothing line involves printing your designs or logo on standard blank clothes. This is an attractive option for people with a low budget (less than £1000) and those wanting to benefit from being able to set up a fully-automated business. The biggest drawback to this type of business model is the lower profit margins and the lack of ability to differentiate your product on things like material, stitching and fit since you’re using standard wholesale clothing.The print-on-demand uses a special digital ink-jet printer to print ink directly onto clothing and apparel. These digital printers are able to produce full colour images with extreme accuracy. Print-on-demand printing produces high quality printed apparel quickly and efficiently. Because of this, there are no setup costs, this means that it’s easy and cost effective to print small orders (including just 1 unit).


●  No set-up costs

●  High quality prints

●  Unlimited color options

●  Perfect for low order quantities or one-offs

●  Many clothing options (shirts, leggings, socks, dresses etc.)