A new arising sector within the fashion industry is childrenswears. As the consciousness of garment choices have grown for all demographics, the inclusion of dressing children and babies have also become prominent. One reason why the boom within the children clothing industry has come to the surface, is due to the rise in celebrity kids evolving their styles, as a representation of their influential A-list parents- North West and Stormi Webster being the most stylish kids to date, on behalf of the Kardashian Jenner family.

Instagram is now an influential platform for mothers to be and parents styling their little ones. There has been rises in the use of social media and the creation of children’s instagram accounts, fixated on the styling of their children. What could this mean for childrenswear businesses?


The market segmentation of childrenswear begins with your audience. Who’s going to buy your designs and is it trendy? The childrenswear niche is definitely current. It’s evolving rapidly. Looking at your target market is key to distinguishing who your consumers are.

The clothing industry for children is a hard industry to crack. Children and babies are not the ones handing over the money, so who do you have to appeal to? As well as the kids wearing the clothes, their parents, their aunties and their grandparents are those who you have to persuade.

Matters to take into consideration:

- pricing strategies (whose your audience)

- Quality for your money

- Trendy? Fast or slow fashion


Considering these points could differentiate the difference in brands. Each consumer within your market have different criteria’s when branching out looking for childrenswear, one being those who aren’t too picky- parents looking for affordable clothing. The durability of the clothing and the concept of lasting until the child grows out of the clothes, is where your thought process should lie. On the contrast, people on the lookout for designer clothing, look for trends. Pricing isn’t too much of a priority, but how stylish it’ll make their child look.

Besides what mum and dad want to dress the child in, the appeal must also flatter the child itself. What does the child want to wear? What programs are trending? Characters?

Background experience from within the fashion industry doesn’t always determine your success. Many start a childrenswear clothing brand with great drive and passion, but unfortunately fail due to the lack of interest in the garments from the child. Market mapping can help businesses distinguish whether there are any gaps within the market. This concept has derived some of the best clothing kids brands- honing in on this alongside your own experiences could be a great starting point.

You don’t need to have everything set in stone before starting your business. A business plan with your aspirations could be a great start. Minimalistic ideas can be less overpowering, being a great starter for those new to the business.