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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Over the last few years there has been an increase in the number of new start up brands that specialise in activewear. Due to the newest fabric innovations in the sports world, brands around the world are releasing creative and comfortable sportswear garments.


There are so many niches to target in sportswear that there is so much room for more activewear brands to emerge. At Clothing Manufacturers UK, we specialise in helping our clients create activewear collections that are made in London. We have all of the relevant machinery to create sportswear inhouse.

Our wide range of fabric options allows you to really make fully customised garments to your specification. Our sports fabrics are weaved in Italy and England and come in various colour ways and textures. We have a wide range of fabrics that come in different weights to suit various garments. Some are more stretchy than others, while some are really stretchy so it all depends on the type of garments you want to create and the purpose. The fabrics can be printed also, so if you have a print that you would like to have on the garments, then we can print this for you, this is done in London as well.

Active wear production options:

At production we can help you from start to finish, whether you’re a start up or an established brand. We can provide all fabrics and trims for you as well as print on the fabric. At production we will cut the fabrics out for you and manufacture the styles as well as insert your brand labels and care labels. We can also do garment processing for you, so if you want us to add swing tags or package the garments, we can do this for you.


Types of fabrics you can choose:

Nylon: a fabric that is a client favourite as we can source regenerated nylon that is sustainable and ethical. So great for brands that have a sustainable ethos. The fabrics is soft on the skin, breathable and dries quickly.

Polyester: A cheaper alternative, its very durable and lightweight. Comes in various textures and weights. A versatile fabric for activewear.

Spandex (lycra): is usually combined with other fibres to give the stretch that is required in sportswear. Is very flexible and breathable as well as sweat wicking.

Bamboo: a sustainable fabric that is natural and soft on the skin. Its odour repellent which is a bonus and it has UV protection.

TENCEL: made from wood pulp and feels great on the skin. Its biodegradable and breathable.


Creating your brands identity is key to success, you need to create one that is unique and individual to your brand, that’s what’s going to make your brand stand out against the competition. It all begins with the logo – a striking logo will help key your brand in people’s minds.

With activewear there is so many things that you can do to make your brand stand out, from the fabrics you choose through to the detailing that’s on the garments itself. In order to stand out against your competitors, choosing the right fabrics is key! There is so many options to choose from that will suit all of your garment types. Subtle designs detailing will go a long way. At Clothing Manufacturers UK, we can help you with this and advice you on what fabrics will work best.

For some brands, printing on the fabric is part of their identity. It’s important to research into what type of printing is best for your fabrics as there is a few different options that is used for printing. Its key to test out the printing options on your fabric as they will react different on the fabric. You will need to look out for how it washes in the washing machine, how it cracks or does it crack after wear.

These are some printing techniques that can be used on the fabric:

· Sublimation: this is a quick and long lasting technique that allows you to transfer full colour on to the fabric, however its best to use lighter coloured fabrics so the print can be fully visible.

· Screen printing: this is a popular technique that is quick. It's great to do small sections, for example printing your logo on the garment.

· Direct to garment: this is a great option for small garment productions.


Another option that you can use to add a slogan or your logo on to the garments directly is adding embroidery. Embroidery is long lasting on the garment, however is more expensive per unit. In order to get a quote on the embroidery, we send your artwork to a digitaliser to turn your artwork into a file ready for embroidery. The prices for embroidery is based off the number of the stitch count for the artwork.


Due to an increase of our population becoming more fashion conscious regarding where our garments are being made and the conditions that those workers who make the garments work as well as the where the fabric originates. How the fabric was made and where is the fabric yarn sourced from.

Using sustainable fabrics in your collection will allow you to charge a bit more per piece as it adds value to the garments. However please note sustainable fabric do usually cost more per meter to purchase, so it’s best to purchase it in bulk to benefit from the bulk saving.

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