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Dua Lipa is one of the biggest stars in the music industry in this day and age. She’s the whole package some might argue. Ever since she started to break through the charts around the world, she has been unstoppable. Her music speaks for herself, but her effortless style has also made her a fashion icon for this generation.


It doesn’t matter where she goes, if Dua Lipa is photographed, her outfits always have a strong impact and influence the fashion industry as well as her fans. So it is no surprise that an Instagram post of the star in her own home is making fashion headlines. With her brand new red hair look combined with a tight corset here, a mom jean there and maybe some very small crop tops making an appearance, she can influence anyone to wear anything.

The latest fashion phenomenon? Tie dye. Her Instagram post at home looking all comfy in an oversized tie dye sweatshirt, was from the Los Angeles brand Madhappy. Since posting the photo on Instagram, the tie dye sweat suit has now gone viral.

Madhappy is a brand full of buzz, excitement, and a youthful energy, that is mostly made up of oversized and baggy clothing like hoodies and sweatshirts, but they have also hopped on the bucket hat trend, with a lot of their garments having the phrase ‘Local Optimist’ plastered over them, as well as obviously having ‘Madhappy’. In 2019, the brand received a generous amount of funding from LVMH and they have been on the rise ever since. Even Dua Lipa’s boyfriend, Anwar Hadid is a big fan of them, and they are both spotted around London wearing the brand’s clothing, or they are spotted wearing each others clothing.

Last month Dua Lipa continued to bring back more trends from the nineties. Wearing a pair of relaxed drawstring shorts with a loose cardigan that is barely buttoned, and accessorised with a Louis Vuitton silk scarf that is tied at the nape of her neck to create a bandana kind of effect, with a small red shoulder bag and of course small beaded necklace’s layered. Think of this as workshopping inside outfits that you lounge about the house in, into outside outfits that are practical and look fashionable. The way she accessorised the look has a strong resemblance to the likes of Aaliyah and Christina Aguilera and how other stars like them, would have dressed at the time; even now Dua Lipa isn’t the only person who enjoys accessorising like this, Anwar Hadid’s sister Bella also posted a photo on Instagram wearing a scarf wrapped like a bandana on her head. However, it is not only women who are known for these kind of looks, the famous photographer Steven Meisel and designer John Galliano have also been known to have it as their signature.

Dua Lipa is still a rising star, both in music and now fashion. As Dua Lipa continues to dress in her authentic nineties throwback style, along with the power of social media, nothing is stopping Dua Lipa.

By Abigail

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