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When thinking about Paris, the first things coming to our minds are romance, fashion and art. Parisians have gotten the reputation of being impeccably dressed, no matter the occasion. In terms of fashion, we associate Parisians with red lipstick, striped t-shirts and classic clothing items. While all this is true, the real reason why Parisians are always dressed well is because each person develops and nourishes a unique sense of style and fashion, which while similar to others, always has something unique to it. The Parisian woman does not follow all trends, she picks what she likes and mixes it with her classic pieces. She also shops at vintage and second hand stores, where she is able to find unique pieces that can spice up any outfit if deemed too boring. In terms of brands, Parisians wear luxury brands, but mix them with high street, vintage or boutique clothing so that they do not look like they are wearing a uniform or a billboard because of the logos on luxury designer garments and accessories.

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The one thing worse than wearing all logos is wearing a fake designer piece. It is insulting to the brand’s history, the designer and the artisans who created it. Furthermore, fakes have been deemed to be produced in unethical conditions and are usually very environmentally unfriendly. That’s why you will never catch a Parisian wearing a fake. Plus there is also the Fashion Police. The Parisian is both a trendsetter and a lover of classics. She knows her fabrics and goes for the more expensive looking ones such as silk, wool and cotton instead of polyester. Furthermore, she would rather buy one high-quality designer bag than 20 fast fashion ones. That’s why she will save up for it, even if it takes her a year. It’s an investment you see and she plans to wear it for the next 10 or 20 years. This bag will serve its purpose, have longevity and look stunning even after years of wear.

The Parisian always carries a part of herself or her culture in her bag because it reminds her of who she is even if she is not home and would rather be there. Finally, the most important ingredient in the style of the Parisian is confidence. She is confident in herself, her intellect, her beauty and her fashion choices. She doesn’t run from her imperfections, she embraces them. If her shirt is wrinkly, she presents it as the new cool thing instead of accepting being shamed due to her laziness to iron it. If she has a big nose, she makes it her trademark. If she forgot to wear a bra, she makes it seem as if it were on purpose. Confidence is key in fashion just as it is in life, so own yourself, your choices and your fashion.

By Sara Dozai

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