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When creating your own garments, there are numerous steps involved in doing this. Therefore you must ensure you have set out enough time for production to be completed and give your self enough time afterwards to set up other aspects of the fashion brand that follows after production is complete.


Probably one of the most important steps is putting together tech packs. Tech packs are made once the final designs are chosen. Putting together a tech pack is important for the manufacturing process, it will be seen by many people who are working on the designs for you. Therefore ensuring you have put enough information that is accurate and to scale is very important. Measurements must be included in the tech packs - this allows the pattern cutter who will create the patterns for the designs to know exactly what size you would like specific details to be.

What is included in a tech pack:

1. Flat drawing - a front and back flat drawing must be included in the tech pack, sometimes a side view might be needed also if there are specific details that you need to ensure that might not be seen in the front or back views of the designs. The flat drawing can be in colour, and might have the fabric.

2. Spec Sheet - needs to show all relevant measurements for different size grades.

3. Details - in the tech pack, there can be a separate page for details, showing construction details on the garment, with all measurements for reference. The details will need a CAD drawing to show the details.

4. Trims and label - a CAD drawing of how the brand labels and care labels etc. should be sewn in to the garment, with relevant descriptions and annotations. Clear instructions to be put next to the relevant CAD drawings.

5. Colourways - All colour and fabric references of the garment including the colour of the threads and trims that are used in the garment. It is always best to have a physical swatch of the fabrics attached to the tech pack once printed out.

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