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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Creating your own collection of brand can be scary or daunting, especially when you have no experience or limited knowledge about the fashion industry and what is expected when manufacturing clothes.


At Clothing Manufacturers UK, we specialise in helping our customers make their own custom clothing to their requirements from start to finish. Probably one of the most important phase when making your own clothes is the pattern development stage. Ensuring the pattern is developed enough and the fit of the garment is perfect is really important. One thing to always bare in mind is that if one stage during clothing manufacturing isn't correct then the following stages are jeopardised. Therefore it is so important to make sure you are happy with the garments at everything - so from the very beginning, the pattern needs to be developed and perfected.

Pattern Cutting

We can develop your patterns for you. We have a team of experienced pattern cutters who can make your patterns to your requirements. Our pattern cutters - carefully make your patterns taking into consideration measurements and fit comments you may have given us. Once the first pattern has been made - we would need to create a toile. A toile is the best option to test the pattern made. As it allows us to see the pattern in 3D.

If you do not have your patterns made yet, we can definitely help you with this. It’s a good opportunity where we can collaborate with each other and develop patterns that truly are custom and precise to what you would like. However if you already have patterns but require adjustments or tweaks to them, then we can help you with that also.

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