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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

" On many occasions we get patterns from new customers that just want to go straight into production, have pattern pieces missing or that do not go with the style at all. So we have amend the patterns or make new pieces which delays the production start day." - Manufacturer

Pattern cutting is probably the most important part of the first stages of creating a style. It is so important that the pattern development is done correctly and not rushed because if it is rushed it ruins the flow of the next stages.

We want to collaborate with our clients so that we can create garments that are what they want. Therefore keeping in constant contact with your manufacturer is so important! Ensuring that you are available if the manufacturer wants you to come in for a fitting or to check something on a sample.

For clients that go to a manufacturer with finished patterns and samples, that just require the manufacturer to replicate the sample through production. It is important that the patterns are checked by the client first to ensure all pattern pieces are clearly labelled and that all patterns are in the correct folder.

Sometimes clients do not check the patterns and then we find out that there are pattern pieces missing or that pattern pieces haven't been amended to new changes that the client wants to make at production.

This is likely to occur when notes are not followed through to the pattern cutter therefore the changes never happen. So please ensure patterns are checked properly and reflect any changes needed to be made.

This will limit the disruption during production and allow the manufacturer to create the garments with out any issues.

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