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The fashion industry has seen many changes as a result of the global pandemic that shook the world. Fashion shows were cancelled, retail stores closed and sales plummeted. With the fashion diary being completely interrupted over the past year, the usual seasonal trends have been absent. With holidays cancelled, swimwear and summer outfit sales declined in 2020. Occasion wear was also less sought after following the postponements of weddings and other celebratory events. Although for many fashion has taken a backseat during this unprecedented time, there are several trends that have emerged throughout the pandemic. Fashion has taken a new stance, focusing on comfort above all.

Safety meets style Like it or not face coverings are mandatory in indoor public settings. However, retailers have reinvented the facemask as an accessory that serves both style and purpose. Designers have created facemasks in every design imaginable, from those stamped with their own branding to luxurious silk garments. There is a face mask out there to compliment every outfit. This is a trend that, like the pandemic, no one predicted. Fashion says thank you Over the past year we have all found different ways to show our thanks and appreciation to those on the frontline of the pandemic. We have seen those who have put signs in their windows, offering their messages of thanks to the NHS and clapped on our doorsteps for the heroes amongst us. The fashion industry has also offered its way of saying thank you to the NHS by giving them discount codes for their retail sites. Designers have also created garments to express their gratitude. For example vintage clothing brand True Vintage have created the NHS bear t-shirt, donating their sales profits to the NHS.


Loungewear Now that we are spending more time at home the majority of us are spending our days in loungewear. Influencers and retailers are predominantly showcasing work-from-home outfits that consist of knitwear, hoodies and joggers. Structured and smart work-wear has been replaced with anything that screams comfort. With many companies holding zoom meetings the individual has developed an outfit that is divided into two styles. The top half is dressed according to office work-wear. This may for example include a presentable top such as a white shirt or a black turtleneck. However the bottom half of the outfit, out of view from the camera and your colleagues is usually a much more relaxed piece in the form of joggers, leggings or even pyjama bottoms. Outerwear If you aren’t donning loungewear at home it probably means that you are all wrapped up on a walk. So if you are investing in a new item for your wardrobe right now it is probably a new coat. There is currently only one rule for winter coats, the bigger, the better. Oversized, padded puffer coats are an absolute favourite for daily walks. The duvet-like garment echoes the stay at home style that we are so used to. Although presently party-wear seems to be a thing of the past there is no doubt that we will see the re-emergence of going out outfits once again. In the meantime safety and comfort triumph.

By Taylor Ann Vaughan

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