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Protecting our health workers is not just about staying at home and staying 2 metres apart in supermarkets. Major fashion houses in France are coming together to prove that we can do more than just follow orders and donating items to a fashion auction to be held in support of health workers.

La Mode S’Engage, an initiative dreamed up in support of #ProtegeTonSoignant (#ProtectYourCarer), is a fashion auction, held from Friday 1stMay, where some of the biggest names and some of the fastest rising stars will be donating some of their pieces to raise money for those on the frontline in the battle against this disease.

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From Chanel and Dior to Coperni and APC, more than 80 brands have confirmed their involvement in the project, where they will donate either a newly designed garment or a customised piece from their archives, some offering full looks and some offering single pieces. Designers unable to leave their homes will be able to submit made-to-order services or sketches to be realised once lockdown measures are relaxed.

The individuality in this project is the centrality of the colour blue, which is required of each piece on auction. The colour blue is part of the #ProtegeTonSoignant initiative, and this will be reflected in each of the items donated.

#ProtegeTonSoignant launched five weeks ago and has since raised nearly €5 million for careworkers in France, principally providing PPE and medical equipment, but housing, food and financial aid as well. They take requests from hospitals submitted via a form and buy PPE to be delivered directly to hospitals. Since March 23rd, they have completed 23 orders to a sum of nearly €2.8 million.

They break down each of their orders online, providing information on what was ordered and for whom. This level of transparency, core to their values, helps alleviate some of the pressure many are feeling as they want to help but don’t know where to start.


La Mode S’Engage, organised in conjunction with the Haute Couture and Fashion Federation and the French Fashion Institute, intends to raise money to help cover the 20 million euros worth of orders still pending from hospitals.

It is one of many efforts to raise money for healthcare systems in this time of crisis globally. The fashion world has seen Gucci donate €2 million in campaigns to benefit both National Civil Protection Department in Italy, the home of the brand, and the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Other brands have redirected their workforces to making PPE, like LVMH and Kering.

The auction will be held online from May 1stto May 4th. Auction prices start at 100€ for those who have registered.

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