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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

It's hard to believe that UK was one of the biggest garments manufactor, with millions and millions of workers fifty years ago. It was an important chapter in the british fashion history when the local fashion brands were using the local manufactors with the so valuable local skills.  If we take a look at the tags of our clothes today, we can read the 'made in china' and 'made in bangladesh' in the vast majority of it. Of course, manufacturing abroad has it's benefits but the UK manufactors know their product like the palm of their hand and they pride themselves in the quality of it, something hardly possible when the garments are made overseas without a personal control. This factor and much others are turning many buisnesses to return the production to Britain.

These are some of the benefits of manufacturing garments in the UK:

Quality: It's the highest value that the 'made in UK' can add to a brand, if a garment is made in Britain you know that it's made with care and status. This has to do with the fact that nowadays the UK manufacturing is very concentrated in the luxury part of the industry, something that adds the characteristic skills to the UK production.

Sustainability: With the production in UK the amount of miles that the garments have to travel is dramatically decreased, which means a lower carbon footprint. Some manufactors also recycle the waste fabric or they have an option of using sustainable and organic textiles.

Control and Communication: With the manufacturing taking place much closer to the designers and the brands it's possible a better control over the garments and their production, as well as the communication with the workers. It reasures the client about the sustainability and the quality of the product. You know who made your clothes and your costumers too. 

Lower order quantities: In the UK, it's more likely that the manufacturers have a lower minimum of garments to order, the best option for smaller businesses and less risk with such large investments. Scheduling and delivery. Since the manufactor is much nearer the garments are available sooner and the delivery is much cheaper. The businesses don't have to worry in case their order is stuck in customs. In short, manufacturing garments in the United Kingdom adds important values to your brand, it may not be the cheapest option but it's an ethical one. Many clients are looking for brands which values are similar to their own, these people are trying to support a fashion industry which clothes made in an ethical workspace, eco friendly with the planet and local. They are increasingly aware of the dangers of offshoring and are looking for a positive change in fashion

By Aliya Akhunova

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