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Updated: Nov 10, 2019

With any collection, you need something that will inspire you to design the collection. 

We can help you from the very beginning - helping you with ideas and we can also design a collection for you based off your requirements.

Once the designs are sketched, we will move on to getting your sketches into technical drawings. Technical drawings are key, they allow the pattern cutter to see the garment flat. Making it easier to create a pattern from that, as important figures such as measurements are then put on to the Tech packs for you designs.

Once you have your technical drawings, we then proceed to the pattern phase. This is where your designs are turned in to templates which is an important part of the whole process. It is important that your pattern is perfected. This is why it is key to create a toile after making a pattern. This allows us to see the garment in 3D, then it is followed by pattern amendments. This could be a back and forth development. However this is dependant on the complexity of your designs. The more simpler styles, do not require many developments. 

Once you are having with your toile - it is then the sampling stage. Where your styles will be made up in the final fabrics chosen for production. So you can see exactly what the garments will look like at production. 

Next, is the grading stage. This is where your patterns are transformed in to various sizes, ready for production. We can use different size charts if you require this as well as make custom ones for you. 

The next stage is, ordering fabrics and trims for production. Fabric suppliers usually have a MOQ when it comes to ordering fabrics for production and require you to purchase a certain amount of fabrics. So always bare in mind, that you might have to buy more fabric than you need. 

This followed by production. This is the phase where everything is made to the required units per style that you have requested. Typically takes about 1-4 weeks for production to be completed.

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