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Starting a business isn’t easy, starting something as specific as a swimwear line can be very tricky. So, we’ve put some tips together to make it a bit easier for you.

You already know it’s a tricky business to get into and make a success of, since there is a lot of competition out there, however there will always be a demand for swimwear. So you need to think outside of the box, if you’re ever going to stand out. If you’re unique designs can set yourself apart from the competition, it will make life a little bit easier, especially when it comes to working with influencers to promote your brand.

When you’re thinking about how to stand out, the fabric you choose will play a big part of the process. Swimwear fabrics are complex to work with, you have to find a way for them to keep their shape and stop chemicals like chlorine affecting them, as well as any add on’s like zips, fringing etc, don’t fall off. If you can use a fabric that is sustainable, reflects UV rays and give SPF protection, or the fibres can dry quick and are sand resistant, all these factors and anymore you can think of, can add extra value. The main thing is that you think about your customers, and how the swimsuits will work for them.

Being aware of the current trends, or the trends predicted for the future, will also help your business to succeed. Incorporating elements of different trends that have been predicted will help your garments get featured in editorials in fashion publications, however ignoring this advice means your work won’t get featured because it won’t work with other items in the editorials as well. Customers also pay attention to trends, and if you’re swimwear line is on trend with whatever else is popular at the time, your swimwear will work much better with their wardrobes. However, this doesn’t mean you have to follow the trend exactly, it should always have your own spin on it and remain part of the brands identity.

Having a range of products will also help your business. Not everyone likes the same thing, and everyone’s body is a different shape and size. Having more products on sale gives your customers more choice and can attract a larger audience.

Then there is manufacturing. Over the years there has been a big surge in more swimwear lines becoming available, however the problem is the supply and demand balance. Before you go to a factory, you need to have everything ready, if you go to them without all the facts, there is a chance that they will take advantage. Before getting in touch have a tech pack ready, quantities and the timeline you want to work with, if you don’t do this, they won’t take you seriously. They also offer ready to wear collections, say no. The sizing can be questionable, and it goes back to my first point, you need to stand out from the crowd, and this won’t help.

So remember be creative, look at what’s going on around you, and don’t approach a factory without a plan.

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