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The 167-year-old jeansmaker cared for running an ethical business before it became a marketing exercise, now the question is what will happen to that commitment in this pandemic. It is hard to operate a business in a way that is both ethical and makes a great profit, however Levi’s managed and is still managing to do so. This exercise has been rendered even harder due to the COVID-19 pandemic that sent most countries into long lockdowns. Nevertheless, the future seems bright for the brand, as many luxury brands are becoming more and more committed to sustainability and ethical practices due to the pandemic.

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No one can say with surety what will exactly happen to fashion businesses after the pandemic is over, but one thing is for sure, the attitudes of consumers will be highly dependent on the trauma experienced due to the pandemic. This will most likely lead to people prioritising high quality goods, which are created ethically and sustainably. We have already started witnessing this change with more and more brands offering vegan clothing, banning fur and using more natural materials instead of polyester. The pandemic will only encourage this behaviour from brands and therefore Levi’s will potentially become even more popular not despite, but due to their corporate values. Levi’s values are the ones that will help them survive this crisis, especially since it seems that people are going to be less likely to buy into seasonal trends due to the superficiality surrounding them. Consumers will be more likely to buy classic pieces made of great materials, which can last them seasons and seasons.

This is where Levi’s strength comes from, as their jeans are the first jeans in history and are therefore the most classic ones. Furthermore, Levi’s jeans have always been known as high-quality jeans that one can still afford, as they are not as expensive as jeans from luxury designers. For reference, a pair of Levi’s jeans will cost you around 100 dollars while a pair of Louis Vuitton jeans would require you to spend around 1000 dollars. This difference in price is enormous, especially considering that the difference in quality is minimal, if it even exists. Levi’s affordability, quality and ethicality have made the brand known in the US and around the world, and it is because of these qualities that the brand will survive the current crisis.

By Sara Dozai

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