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Since protests kicked off around the world after George Floyd became the latest victim of police brutality in America. Some of the biggest brands are speaking up about issues surrounding racism on social media platforms, whilst some designers, like Virgil Abloh, might be donating money straight out their pockets, a lot of these major brands haven’t said how they’re going to donate funds to help the movement. Instead much smaller, independent brands are responding whether that be donating large sums of money to charities or donating all their profits, smaller brands are doing a greater deal more.


However, all of this starts with us, the consumers, if we start making conscious choices to shop at black owned businesses, we can boost that economy so it can grow more.

Prabal Gurung released their ‘Stronger In Colour’hoodie and 100% of the profits are going to support the Bail Project, the bail project is an organisation that is currently paying the bail for protestors who have been arrested whilst protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement. Prabal Gurung launched in 2009 and ever since his clothes have brought a feeling of modern luxury, guaranteed style and a sense of glamour; sustainability is at the heart of the brand with 90% of the collection made in New York, however now the focus is on this particular hoodie where you can help innocent protestors.

Noto Botanics is also donating a percentage of profits made from sales from their Agender Oilto civil rights organisations, such as the George Floyd Fundand Reclaim the Block.

Cocokind also donated 100% of their profits that they made in the first week of June to a number of charities including Black Lives Matter, NAACP, Black AIDS Institute, Reclaim the Block,Campaign Zeroand Blackvisions. All of these charities are dedicated to helping black communities, improving their quality of life as well as an attempt to tackle the systematic racism they are subjected to as well as police brutality.

Peter Do is donating 100% of their net profit sale from their e-commerce sales, for the whole month of June. All profits will be equally divided between Colour of Change, the Black Youth Project 100and Black Visions Collective, these charities aim to bring a better quality of life with long term effects rather than focusing on the short term. However, Fleur du Mal donating 10% of their profits to the Know Your Rights Campand Legal Defence Initiative is here to legally help those affected in the protests who could be charged and given criminal records.

Asai is also reproducing the iconic Rihanna dress for people who are personally ordering the dress and 100% of profits are going to Black Lives Matter, the Voice of Domestic Workers and Solace Women’s Aid. The brand Comme Si also donated 100% of their profits from designated weeks, however all funds were donated to the NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund.

The fight is far from over, I encourage you to shop with the brands named if you want to support the movement, and if you can donate to some of the amazing charities mentioned.

By Abigail

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